Turner Industries' TRAM® Solutions has arrived.

With TRAM® Solutions, TRAM® Software and TRAM® Services, Turner Industries has created a breakthrough proprietary process that identifies and quantifies cost risks associated with industrial projects & turnarounds.


Add TRAM® Solutions to your plan.

TRAM® Solutions is the overarching umbrella under which TRAM® Software and TRAM® Services are offered. TRAM® Solutions also provides secure and easy access to the TRAM® Software application.

TRAM® Softwarelet data decide.

TRAM® Software removes guessing from the equation.

TRAM® Software is a patent-pending, user-friendly and web-based application that facilitates a proactive approach to mitigating budget compliance risk. TRAM® Software incorporates multiple risk determinative conditions that allow for quantification and mitigation planning using real turnaround plan data–all clients have to do is answer the questions provided within the TRAM® Software. When TRAM® Software is used, the dollars saved through mitigated risk can often be measured in the millions.

TRAM® Serviceshelp is on the way.

TRAM® Services delivers expertise and collaboration.

In addition to TRAM® Software, TRAM® Services provides subject-matter expertise in facilitating improvement activities for managing industrial projects and turnarounds. This personal collaboration assists with risk analysis modeling, process and governance compliance assessments, event preparedness evaluations, operations think tanks, turnaround process continuous improvement, asset reference planning and threat assessments.